I have week old bull calfs stright from dairy holstiens they each have received 2 gallons of colostrum and doing good lookin to sale for 50 each or trade for other livestock such as goats pigs horses donkeys NO chickens plz call or text thanks
16 layer pellets $12.5016 crumbles $12.50Scratch feed $ 10.50We are a private farm , pick by appt. Other feeds also, chickens, goats, horse, cows, pigs, turkeys, we have the feed
Young sow ready to be bred. Just had a litter of 11 piglets last year. Nothing wrong with her just getting out of raising piglets going to just raising feeders. She weighs around 550 or so. Thanks for looking. Pig, sow, piglets, hog, cow, heritage, bacon, sausage,