Looking for a dressy maxi dress to wear for a cruise size 2/3X or 22/24. I love Lane Bryant dresses and Catherines. Don't need anything prom like, just a nice maxi cocktail dress to wear for the formal night. Would prefer a solid color, please.
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Just moved to the area so funds are locked need a recliner for bedroom as i cant sleep in bed for too long and we now have upstairs and the ac doesnt cool upstairs too good.
Looking for a carpet cleaner for apartment, thank you for assistance
Hey everyone. Thanks for reading. I'm in need of fans or a window unit. We live in a old farm home & it is scorching upstairs. My kids arent able to use their room because it's so unbearable. I don't get paid for a couple weeks and of anyone had anything that could help i would be so appreciative.
Hi. I am looking to add to our herbs. If you're weeding and have extras please keep me in mind. Am searching for lovage, french sorrel, multiplier onions, horseradish and sunchokes but love to meet new herbs. I'm also looking for lily, iris, rose of sharon, hibiscus and other bright bloomers thanks!
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I am searching for a small adult size recliner for my bedroom. I don't have much room but I can accommodate a small recliner. I stay in my room most of the time and need something comfortable to sit in and watch TV.
Wanting blonde wigs and hair extensions any shade of blonde as my hair changes shades of blonde depending on summer or winter. Ty.
Looking for fresh Vegetables Tomato, zucchini, cucumbers, sweet potato, cantaloupe Any gardners that have more than they need I would love to take off your hands. Thanks in advance
I'm selling things on Ebay and am looking for different sized boxes to mail items in. Small to large sizes, they just need to be sturdy enough to go through the mail. Thank you.
I am looking for a 3ds portal for the game skylanders. Purchased the games for my boys at gamestop thinking I had a portal for the 3ds and I do not.
I m looking for a working VCR so I can watch my old VHS tapes of my daughter growing up. She is 33 now.
days agoHigh Point, NC+16 milesItems Wanted
Wanting blonde wigs and hair extensions any shade of blonde as my hair changes shades of blonde depending on summer or winter. Ty.
Good day. I am in dire need of kitchen cabinets. Mine have water damage and mold. I had to throw them all away. I can and will pick up. Thank you in advance
Hello Freecycle community, I recently moved into my first home and I am trying to get my garden going. If y all have any extra watering cans, tillers, adjustable nozzles, or hose reels or anything else related I would put it to goood use!