hi. I ve made a post before but I cannot gain access to that account info. I am in desperate need of things for a baby boy. I m 30 weeks pregnant & do not have ANYTHING for my child. I was recently put in a financial bind due to some dishonest friends & have been struggling really bad for the past few months. I have 2 other children & I am trying my hardest to get things back on track. The fath...
Moving in a month and need boxes of all sizes, big or small would help please and thank you.
We have a female pea fowl, and she needs a friend or two. If you have more pea fowl than you want or need, please let us know! We would love to give them a new home with us.
In desperate need of furniture and clothes for baby boy. Am 7 months pregnant with my 3rd son. Recently tried to help out 2 former friends & was severely taken advantage of. They threw away my couches & stole a lot of my clothes. Also put me in a bind pertaining to my bills at home. Anything helps. Will be having baby Feb. 20, 2019
Looking for seasoned firewood ~ would need to be delivered and stacked no later than Saturday, 12-8 Contact LeeAnne @ lalc91501@triad.rr.com
Looking to take any old computer hardware that people have no need for anymore. Nothing older than 10 years please. Trying to Frankenstein together some computers to donate to people in need.
Looking for a functional machine to use at home for rehabilitation. I can come and pick it up from you.
Hi I'm in desperately need of a stove. If anyone has one I desperately need. Also any household repair items or any household. I can pay a small fee, I just lost my job of 16 years. Thank you
Just lost my job. Seeking help to provide my son a Christmas this year. Anything is appreciated.
Just lost my job. Seeking help to clothe my growing son. Size 12 or 14. Anything is appreciated
Have old oak cabs I painted white. Looking for more, matching if possible, to add to kitchen area. Doesn't matter if they're gross with grease or dirt, as long as they're not molded or warped. I can paint them. Lowers and/or uppers if avail. Can pick up with advance notice if sunny day-have open trailer. Thanks
1-Dec-2018High Point, NC+16 milesItems Wanted
Looking for old oak cabs i can paint and add to kitchen area for my boys to have a place to do art/homework. Dirty/old grease ok, no mold or warping/damage. Can pick up w adv notice w open trailer. Thanks!
1-Dec-2018High Point, NC+16 milesItems Wanted
Just lost my job. Seeking help to provide my 10 year old son a Christmas.
30-Nov-2018High Point, NC+16 milesItems Wanted
Looking for nursery and baby items. Anything is appreciated. I will pick up.